Christopher grace

Years of experience: 20
Position: Partner

Mr. Grace technologically empowers individuals to prosper in business and in life.  He masters tech through co-operatve partnering, innovation, methodologies and craftsmanship.


Not so long ago, just keeping clothes clean required many hours of scrubbing and hanging on clotheslines.  Consider that one chore, and what a difference the washing machine made.

C&D Consulting is like a washing machine!  Our services lighten the load for those growing their business.

How exactly?  We excel in three areas.

  1. We are Microsoft Silver Certified Partners We teach you the tricks, fill in the rough spots, and are by your side for the long haul.  Realize the full power technology has to offer.
  2. We are a small business ourselves.  Through our experience in large enterprises, and economies of scale, we employ advanced techniques internally and for our customers to improve productivity.
  3. We listen to you and love to connect people.  Tapping into a network of specialists is perhaps the most powerful solution of all.

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Get Connected
Get Connected
C&D Consulting
Dede Schott-Grace

Years of experience: 33
Position: Partner

Dede has performed in the role of trusted adviser and chief assistant to the top 1%.  She is a masterful networker, negotiator, and strategic thinker.

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